Looking for a new hair stylist shouldn

8 Ways to Choose a New Hair Stylist for Your Hair Goals

Looking for a new hair stylist can be tough and a bit annoying. There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to find a new hair stylist. You probably have to move away from the hairdresser you’ve been going to for ages and now need to find a new one. Or you might have had a hair nightmare at your old stylist’s and want to try someone new. Either way, the search for a new hair stylist can take a while.

The process might feel like trial and error, but it’s worth it.

Every day, our team of experts here at On the Avenue Salon & Blowout Bar receives a myriad of inquiries from people who are looking for a new hair stylist who can help them achieve their #hairgoals. We understand how stressful it is to have someone to look after your hair. To help you narrow your search, here are some of our insider tips on what to consider when looking for a new hair stylist.

How to Look for a New Hair Stylist

Finding a new hair stylist doesn't have to be difficult.

Research Local Salons & Stylists

These days, finding a great stylist can be quite easy, especially through social media. Many places on social media can help you discover a stylist. Instagram might be the perfect place to find the hairstylist you’re looking for. The primary social media platforms stylists and salons use to showcase their work are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Log into your account, search, and scroll through different hashtags to find stylists near you. Since hashtags group photos by keyword, they collect and curate everyone discussing a specific topic. When scrolling through many pictures on your feed (thanks to your newfound best friend, the hashtag), choose the ones that catch your attention. If you think, ‘That looks good,’ click on it. It will lead you to the stylist’s profile or bio page, where you can closely check out their work. Then, read the comments section for customer reviews.

While social media might be seen as “the modern form of recommendation,” don’t overlook the traditional word of mouth; it’s ideal for those who aren’t too tech-savvy. Chatting with friends and coworkers happens naturally; you never know what great resources or ideas they may have.

Ask The Right Questions Once You Decide On A New Hair Stylist

A new hair stylist can help you achieve your desired look.

Experience only tells part of the story. When you visit a doctor’s office, you often notice diplomas and awards on the wall. These credentials can make you feel assured and at ease. Nevertheless, in the realm of hairstyling, things work a bit differently. You might initially wonder, “How long have you been a hairstylist?” Although this question is legitimate, mere years don’t cover everything.

Years behind the chair don’t add up to a Ph.D. in hair coloring, cutting, styling, or weaving. While experience helps in wisdom and knowledge, a stylist should continue their education on new technologies and techniques to keep up with the ever-changing hairstyling trends.

Don’t Skip the Consultation

I can’t stress this enough: PLEASE book a consultation before your hair color appointment when seeing a new hair stylist for the first time. A proper consultation would give you and your new hair stylist time to get to know each other and chat about your hair! You should discuss your color history, how you style your hair daily, and what products you use to help your stylist know your preferences.

Meetings with stylists are typically free and offer a wonderful opportunity to discover the ideal stylist for your needs! Investing time in getting acquainted with your new hair stylist and their industry experience will enhance your overall satisfaction.

Take Small Steps

Consultation is essential when looking for a new hair stylist.

After completing all your homework and research, what should you do with the gathered information? How can you be sure that this stylist will continue to be your ideal option? Set an appointment at the fresh salon for a rejuvenating conditioning treatment or a stylish blowout. This is not the right time to let them cut 5 inches off your hair!

Working with them to build trust and get into a groove would be best. Treat your stylist like any new relationship. This step lets you meet the stylist personally and see their skills without breaking the bank (or potentially snipping off too much). Spend this time asking them questions about their skills and experiences. What’s crucial is grasping a sense of their character to match yours. Education, achievements, extensive experience, and a portfolio are vital factors, but a stylist’s personality can seal or break the deal.

Bring Pictures!

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Showing pictures of what you like and dislike is a great way to ensure you and your hairstylist are on the same page. Also, consider sharing photos of hairstyles you’ve loved after coloring and cutting your hair to help your stylist understand your style preferences better. Additionally, it’s helpful to pinpoint the specific elements you appreciate in the style to provide the stylist with a more detailed understanding of your preferences.

Trust Your Instincts

Discovering an excellent stylist isn’t solely about their skill but also your rapport! If you don’t feel at ease voicing your thoughts or your stylist seems unresponsive to your suggestions, your experience might not be very enjoyable. (This is how you end up walking out of the salon with something opposite of what you wanted.) In other words, be honest with your hairstylist at all times. If the stylist is receptive to your ideas, you’re in the right chair.

Does Your Hair Stylist Act Professionally?

Your hair stylist should act professionally at all times.

If your stylist shows up 15 minutes AFTER your appointment, you probably need to look for another one. It’s frustrating when you make an appointment with a professional, and they treat you like you’re not important as a client. Besides, your stylist should fully support your ideas and arrive punctually. They should treat you kindly and respectfully, provide precise price estimates, and dedicate ample time to your hair.

Sometimes, things that are out of your stylist’s control cause them to run late with other clients or have scheduling problems, and if they treat you right, I hope you’ll be patient with them and treat them with respect, too.

We get it: finding a new hair stylist is a tough feat! Don’t worry, though, because our On the Avenue Salon & Blowout Bar team is here for you! We have years of relevant training and experience, so you can rest assured that you (and your hair) are in good hands with us! Please reach out to us today to book a consultation!

You should match your make up to your hair color to look extra stylish.

Match Makeup to Hair Color: What To Match With These 7 Hues to Look Extra Stylish

It’s important to consider everything when creating just the right makeup look. Usually, you’ll think about the clothes you intend to wear, the occasion you’re attending, your skin tone and undertone, and your hairstyle.

However, have you ever thought about factoring in your hair color? While it isn’t an absolute must-follow rule, it is still advisable to match makeup to hair color. Irrespective of your hair color, these are the key considerations to remember regarding your makeup.

Blonde Hair

Lighter shades usually complement blond hair. Soft pastel and light colors can enhance your hair’s appearance without being too overpowering. For blush, it’s better to go for pinks and peaches instead of a vibrant rose.

It is advisable to match makeup to hair color.

Peachy pink or sheer berry blushes and golden brown lips and lids with brown or black mascara look oh so sexy and further complement the light your hair color naturally brings to your face!

When it comes to eyeshadow, you can also stick to this light theme or try a smoky eye if you want to make a sultry statement. Remember that too much-frosted color can wash you out, so use solid lipstick to ground the look.

Light Brown Hair

Light brown includes a variety of shades, but it typically refers to any shade that’s just dark enough to be no longer truly “blonde.” The light brown hair’s neutrality makes it excellent for any makeup style, although you may want to avoid anything too intense or dark. For light brown hair, oxblood lipsticks and bronze eyeshadow shades are excellent choices. Ensure your hair’s undertone matches your chosen colors.

Dark Brown Hair

This hair color is super versatile and very manageable. You can choose anything – it’s dark enough to balance out light shades yet still neutral to work with darker colors. Since dark brown hair often has these strong, reddish undertones, think about experimenting with various reds and purples to enhance those warm undertones that you likely have.

Black Hair

Having black hair is fantastic because it gives you a fresh start. First, use a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation for your base to avoid appearing overly intense. Once you’re satisfied with the coverage, get a contouring palette to define the bridge of your nose, the hollows of your cheekbones, and the outer part of your forehead.

Once your face looks flawless, use black eyeliner to outline your eyes and apply a few layers of mascara to make your eyes pop as much as your gorgeous dark hair.

Warm undertones look good with plum.

Although the extremely bold, striking looks are traditional, and there’s nothing quite like blood-red lipstick and a black hairdo, sometimes you want something more toned down. Experiment with jewel tones matching your hair’s undertone to complement these styles. If you have a cool blue undertone, opt for sapphire and emerald; warm undertones are beautifully complemented by garnet and plum.

Red Hair

This hue is uncommon, yet it truly grabs attention, regardless of whether you’re sporting striking makeup. Nonetheless, the drawback of having red hair is its tendency to clash easily with the most conventional makeup shades, primarily reds and pinks. Earthy tones are an excellent starting point in this regard, and shiny coppers and golds can add extra radiance without overwhelming your shine.

When it comes to blush and lipstick shades, opt for a lighter touch, and don’t hesitate to experiment with various colors to discover the ideal match. As for eyes, peaches, apricots, and sheer greens look so lovely and feminine!

Grey Hair

There’s nothing wrong with going grey. It shows your maturity and experience; some have even dipped their toes into grey hair with dye. Avoid extremely bold lipstick and eyeshadow if you want to match your grey hair. Instead, find something more understated, like burgundy lips and simple eyeliner, to accentuate your look.

Colorful Hair

If you’ve chosen one of the newest colorful hair color trends, like pastel or rainbow hair, consider using neutral makeup shades for your everyday appearance. To begin, pick a buildable foundation with a matte finish, and then opt for a natural blush hue on your cheek’s apples or even a light highlighter to illuminate your face.

Choose a neutral-toned brown or black eyeliner, depending on what suits your skin tone, to define your eyes while letting your colorful hair stand out. In your daily routine, match it with a nude or taupe eyeshadow. Naturally, for the right time and occasion, we’re not entirely excluding splashes of color, like a vibrant eyeshadow or a daring lip! In these cases, choosing a hue that complements your hair color is better, pairing cool-toned hair with warm-toned makeup and warm-toned makeup with cool-toned hair.

Match Makeup To Hair Color: What To Consider

New Hair

If you’ve colored your hair a very different hue than your natural color, you’ll want to be swift in finding makeup to complement your hair color. At first glance, it seems like your current range of makeup colors will work, but the new hair color can bring out certain tones in your skin that you didn’t notice before. Your foundation, eye makeup, and lip color might need some updating or mixing up, so feel free to explore your options!

Eye Color

Pastel hair looks good with taupe eyeshadow.

Skin tone, eye, and hair color can all make a difference in our appearance. Blue eyes and green, taupe, pink, purple, and black coordinate nicely. Hazel eyes often reflect colors around them, so hazel eyes and green eyes both look fab. Go for browns, greens, and plum colors. Brown-eyed girls look great in light and deep shades of pink, purple, brown, and blue.

Skin Tone

Before you find makeup for your hair color, consider your skin tone. This is a lot to think about, and it can get confusing, but it’s always best to have a hair color that matches your skin. This will keep things simple and also keep makeup costs down. A nifty benefit of makeup is that it can help you create colors that better suit your skin tone and skin. So, if your hair color does not pair well with your natural skin color, as mentioned above, create your custom blend of foundation and make it match better!

Contrasting Colors

Another thing to remember when considering makeup for your hair color is that contrasting colors are perfectly okay. No matter what color your hair is, you can wear contrasting makeup colors to make your hair pop or, better yet, burst with color! If you need clarification on all the colors that contrast with your hair color, check out this color wheel for guidance on matching, blending, and contrasting colors!


These are great starting points if you want to match makeup to hair color. But of course, you don’t need to stick to these guidelines if you wish to try something else out. Who knows? You may discover your perfect pairing. And if you want to refresh your look with a new hair color, please reach out to us today to schedule your appointment!

You should be meticulous in choosing the best hair extensions.

9 Considerations When Choosing the Best Hair Extensions

With the quick and simple addition of length and volume provided by hair extensions, your hairstyle and look can change as minimally or as dramatically as you would like. Hence, you should be careful in choosing the best hair extensions. Hair extensions can be a quick and satisfying method to cover up a terrible haircut or get ready for an important event. However, it would be best if you didn’t hurry into getting your hair extensions done.

Caring for hair extensions requires a bit of time. Also, improper installation can do more harm than good, so hire an experienced professional like us at On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar for the best results.  

Here are a few important things you should know choosing the best hair extensions in Waco, Texas:

What Should You Consider in Choosing the Best Hair Extensions?

Which Professional Stylist Should You Work With?

Choosing the right hair stylist is a consideration when choosing the best hair extensions.

If you want long-lasting extensions, you want to work with the right stylist, preferably someone who is an expert at installing hair extensions. Be willing to talk with several stylists at different salons to make an informed decision. Putting hair extensions in is a specialized niche, so be diligent in looking for a professional.

The best hair stylists will allow you to come in for a consultation, show you what kind of extensions they offer, and book an appointment. Here at On the Avenue Salon and Blow Out Bar, we have 18 different colors and blends so you can take your hair game up a notch and find the best shade for you!

Take notes when you talk with the stylist, and be willing to ask questions. Remember, you are interviewing them for a job: installing your hair extensions.

Only book another appointment if you have a good feeling about their capability. Ask them about their experience in installing hair extensions so you can gauge their capabilities.

What Is Your Budget?

Getting hair extensions can be a good investment because it makes you look and feel good—and that’s what we all want, right? Be upfront about what you can reasonably afford, and be prepared to tip your hair stylist well.

You can spend hundreds or thousands based on what you want. However, you should still inspect the quality of the hair extensions you’re getting. If you want to look as natural as possible, like you’re not wearing hair extensions, we recommend choosing the premium ones. Don’t settle for cheaper selections that make you look like you’re wearing a wig afterward.

What Type Of Hair Is Used?

Installing the right hair extensions can make you look and feel good about yourself.

The best extensions are ethically sourced, chemical-free, and 100% human-hair. These strands of hair must not be treated with raw chemicals or have silicone added. Premium does come with a price tag, so you might need to shell out more, but the feel of the hair and the confidence you’ll get will be worth it.

What Type Of Hair Extension Are You Getting?

Don’t just go with whatever your best friend or the latest celebrity has posted on their Instagram and recommended. It may look beautiful on them, but you have different hair. Different folks, different hair extensions. What works for one person may not work for you. Doing your research before going to a salon for a consultation is important. There are five types of hair extensions:

  • Tape: Usually lasts around two months. Your hair will be added in and taped with the extension.
  • Sew-ins: Last 2 to 4 months. Also known as a weave, this is braided and sewn into your hair.
  • Clip-ins: Hold for 2 to 4 months. These pre-clipped strips snap onto sections at your hair root.
  • Bonded/Fusion: Expect to last four months. These keratin bonds have dried ‘glue’ at one end.
  • Micro link: Lasts four weeks to 2 months. These micro extensions attach to the hair with a flattened microbead without glue. They will need to be tightened at or around the four weeks mark.

How Will The Installation Process Work?

Ask the stylist how long the installation will take. Some hair extensions can take up to 5 hours to be installed, depending on the type and the complex installation processes involved. Other hair extension installation options, like tape hair extensions, may take less time, as the extensions are intended to last about 6-8 weeks. Compare the answers you get.


Beautiful hair extensions may take extra time to care for at home. You can have a world-class, 5-star-rated salon to do the work, but the upkeep will be your responsibility. The right stylist will not let you leave the salon as soon as the extensions are in but instead walk you through the exact products to use on your new extensions and give you step-by-step instructions on how to care for your tresses, from washing to drying and brushing.

Caring Requirements

The caring requirements are also a consideration when choosing the best hair extensions.

When you get hair extensions, you must ensure you take good care of them. And it would be best to ensure that the hair extensions you get are good for your hair. Select the right – and lightweight hair extensions so they do not pull at your hair, weakening and destroying them. For appropriate hair and hair extension care, you must have a daily brushing routine, proper hydration, and utilize natural products that don’t contain any drying chemicals.

When you have hair extensions attached, opt for an expert known for hair extension knowledge for the best results. After putting on the hair extensions, it’s advised to get a hair trim done to guarantee it all looks natural.

How Good Is Your Current Natural Hair Without Extensions?

You will wear and take care of your hair extensions like your natural hair, so great hair health is paramount before the extensions are in place. A great salon will tell you whether your hair is healthy enough for extensions. If your hair is too brittle or dry, you will need guidance on getting your hair in shape before extensions are added.

Longevity of the Hair Extensions

The time you must wear the hair extension is super important when choosing the best hair extensions. Most synthetic hair extensions can last up to half a year with daily wear and the proper care, so they are perfect for shorter-term options.

However, a human hair extension may be the right choice if you are looking for a premium hair extension that will last you throughout the seasons. These can be used longer, and although they’re more expensive, they are a wise investment.

Choosing the Best Hair Extensions with On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar

Are you looking for a reputable hair salon that can install your hair extensions? Here at On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, we have years of experience and a team of professional and highly-trained experts to help you choose and install your hair extensions. We will consider your needs, preferences, and budget in determining the right ones for you. Please call us today to book a consultation and appointment!

There are several stunning current hair color trends to try this year.

Top 10 Stunning Current Hair Color Trends to Try

Even if we are already halfway through the year, many of us still want to keep up with the current hair color trends. After experiencing the pandemic and lockdowns, a lot of people have wanted to change things around—starting with their style and looks! It is finally time to take your hair game up a notch, starting with a trendy new hair color.

2023 is still all about subtle but statement-making color that does not require constant upkeep, including low-maintenance colors in extra eye-catching shades. These current hair color trends are here to inspire your Pinterest boards and salon appointments all year.

Current Hair Color Trends to Try

Blended Bronde

An easy-peasy pick: this color allows cool-toned brunettes to lighten up with blonde that will last several months. Blending is the key.

Caramel Melt Balayage

Caramel Melt Balayage is one of the current hair color trends this 2023.

Roots, who? You can caramelize your brunette mane without risking growing pains by asking for balayage that focuses on the ends and around the face.

Strawberry Brown Balayage

Welcome to the coolest shade of brunette to appear in 2023’s lineup. Dark brown is made to look easy-peasy when you zhuzh up the foundation color with intense strawberry red.

Peach Blonde

Say hello to the new strawberry blonde. It settles into the best peach blonde shade on the orange-toned side and can be worked into natural blondes and redheads alike.

Auburn Tinges

Natural brunettes can get a little extra zing with minimal balayage baby lighting in a warm shade like reddish auburn.

Soft Cool Black

Black hair color is often considered harsh—when it can be striking most stunningly if you flatter your skin tone. The soft cool-toned black hue pops on warm skin tones.

Low-Maintenance Platinum

Consider this a new and improved version of platinum blonde that begins with darker blonde roots and melts into all the bright colors you could want—without risking huge damage with constant touch-ups.

Robust Ruby Red

We are adding this dreamy redhead inspo onto the Pinterest board, stat. This color is vibrant and all about focusing on the deepest shades of ruby red.

Sunlit Honey Blonde

Think beach blonde, but more grown-up and subtle. Warm blondes like honey and gold work harmoniously to create a multi-dimensional look that makes you look lit from within.

Glossy Mocha

This brunette color is a smoke show. Glossy coatings of deep mocha brown will get you through any terrible hair day, and it’s a simple choice for naturally darker brunettes.

Current Hair Color Trends: Professional Coloring Or DIY?

It  is best to go to professionals if you want to try the current hair color trends.

When it comes to box dye vs. salon color, it’s always best to get your hair colored by a professional. Salon formulas are better for your hair, and having a pro colorist apply them also ensures the best results. Whenever you regularly get your hair colored by a professional, they carefully create the color to minimize hair damage and regularly check your hair’s health. If you go blonde or choose red velvet, the stylist will find the ideal method to lighten the old color or switch to the new shade.

Customized Color

If you have a specific hair color in mind, you may need help finding a box of hair dye that meets your expectations. Instead of settling for a color you don’t want, a professional can create a customized color that will meet your needs.

Professionals aren’t limited to the colors you can find on the grocery store shelf. They have hundreds of colors at their disposal, not to mention they can mix two or three colors to create your ideal shade. Additionally, suppose you have a specific style you want to achieve using multiple colors. In that case, it is much easier for a professional to create your desired look instead of trying to section off and dye different strands yourself.

It’s Safer for Your Hair

Many people think about their hair falling out if they play with excessive chemicals, and if you dye your hair from a box, this is a valid concern. Store-bought hair dyes often contain many chemicals to help dye your hair with no additional products, and using these types of dyes repeatedly can result in a lot of damage to your hair. However, at a professional salon, it’s important to remember that your color artist is trained to create a high-quality result and protect your hair.

Your Color Is Done Correctly

Many folks who’ve tried coloring their hair alone might have faced issues resulting in a less-than-perfect color outcome. DIY hair dye kits often create a mess, and controlling where the color ends up on your head, especially when doing it alone, can be tough.

When you visit a professional hair salon, you can feel confident that your hair color will turn out just right. Instead of guessing how your hair will look once it’s dried and styled, you can be sure that your color expert knows their stuff and can achieve the look you want.

Professional Dye Lasts Longer

Pros can color your hair without damaging it.

Lots of folks like DIY hair dye kits because they’re affordable. The dye boxes from stores are cheap, which is good if you want to experiment. However, these home kits only stay effective for a short time, so you might buy more every few weeks to maintain vibrant hair.

We all know that getting your hair dyed at a salon isn’t cheap, but you must consider what you’re getting. You’re paying for the nice salon atmosphere, the stylist’s expertise, and high-quality dye that lasts longer than store-bought kits. Even though pro dye costs more initially, you will only need so many salon visits to keep your hair looking great.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Are you interested in trying something different with your hair? At On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, we offer expert hair care services to help you look and feel your best. Our color artists at our hair salon have years of training, and they will take the time to work with you and create a look and color that will make your personality shine.


10 Stunning Summer Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2023

We focus on an effortless, less-is-more, and low-maintenance beauty routine during summer. We wear less makeup and spend less time on our hair. There are better times to try a complex skincare routine or a high-maintenance hair color that requires a lot of upkeep. Keeping things effortless and low maintenance is what summer’s all about.

With summer still in full swing, it’s high time to find the perfect summer hair color ideas. There’s an unwritten beauty rule about going darker with your hair in the winter and lighter with your hair in the summer.

Summer is undoubtedly a great time to switch up your color, but you also want to keep things easy, right? No rush, though. If you’re still unsure which hue would look good, here are some of our summer hair color ideas to help you!

Summer Hair Color Ideas to Try This 2023

Lived-In Brunette

When you think of lived-in brunette color, think of dark roots and grown-out highlights, giving a soft, casual, and lowkey appearance. Lived-in hair colors evoke a low-maintenance vibe, which many people like for a summer-y feel.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is one of the summer hair color ideas to try this 2023.

Strawberry blonde is a mix of red, orange, and golden blonde colors. It’s unsurprising to see its popularity this summer when red hair has been a major trend for the past few seasons. Strawberry blonde is the lighter (and brighter) take on auburn or copper color, and it’s perfect for those who want to go blonder in the summer.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is a darker blonde shade with notes of brown that deepen the general hair color. It’s not golden or ashy, but it’s right in the middle, which means it looks good on almost all skin tones and is quite simple to maintain. You can achieve a dirty blonde hue with some highlights if you have dark brown hair. Add some brown lowlights if you have blonde hair and want a darker, dirtier shade.

Soft Peach

Soft peach is a mix of pink and orange colors with a dreamy pastel glow. It’s a great statement to make for a simple festival weekend or as a simple hair color switch to add more color to your life.

Expensive Brunette

Expensive hair color is a social media trend that we see season after season in different variations. This season the expensive brunette is an ashy brown hue with vibrance that rivals a salon glossing treatment — it boasts shine, gloss, and vibrancy.

Mushroom Bronde

Mushroom bronde is an ashy hue with blonde, beige, brown, and gray tones that resemble the marbling of colors that make up the flavorful fungi. The mix of blonde and brown makes the color less prone to fading, so it’s not a shade that requires constant upkeep, which is always welcomed, especially for laid-back summer vibes.

Sombré Highlights

Soft caramel melt hair shade is also a popular summer hair trend.

Ombré hair color is lauded for its low maintenance upkeep à la dark roots, making it a lived-in hair color that doesn’t need monthly root touch-ups. Sombrè has all those qualities with a lighter gradient to give it a subtler look.

Soft Caramel Melt

Nothing screams summer more than this soft caramel hair shade. This style is ideal for brunettes who can add further detail by going for blonde baby lights, adding a glimmering radiance to the face. Top off the look with loose bouncy curls.

Glossy Black

Hair me out. LOL! While everyone else is going for more vibrant hues this summer, you can be the talk of the beach courtesy of this vampy shade. However, you must keep it hydrated with the right haircare products and salon treatments to maintain its shine.

Rose Gold With Dark Roots

Neons aren’t your thing? Rose gold is the perfect middle ground that combines sun-kissed blonde and a subtle pop of summery pink.

Should You DIY Your Hair Coloring or Go to the Salon?

If you still can’t decide whether to DIY your hair coloring or go to a reputable hair salon like us at On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, choose the latter. Trust us. For starters, the hair color available in at-home variations is of lower quality than that available in salons. It is because they use harsher, more concentrated chemicals and frequently skip the protective elements found in salons.

As a result, you are more likely to encounter hair damage, breakage, or loss at home than under the supervision of a hair expert. This is due to the poor quality of the color and the individual’s lack of experience coloring their hair.

Experience and Know-How

Going to a hair salon for a hair coloring session is always better than just buying a boxed dye and doing it yourself.

Although using an at-home color seems fairly cut and dry, a salon professional does much more than apply dye to your hair. Before any hair coloring service begins, your stylist conducts an initial evaluation. At this point, they check for any signs of your hair’s health, such as elasticity, moisture, and dermal irritation.

Your stylist will inform you beforehand if your hair is unhealthy enough to withstand hair color. This step alone drastically reduces the risk of hair loss and extensive damage. From there, they will discuss your desired results, consult a color wheel and mix colors according to your existing hue.

Lack of Personalization

When it comes to boxed dyes, most of them go for the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Dry and damaged hair is dyed with the same chemicals as healthy hair. A brunette and redhead can choose the same box dye and are led to believe their results will be the same, but this is rarely the case.

Despite the color guide, the results are never quite as expected. The color may be brassier than expected or even a completely unexpected shade. This is especially true when making a drastic change at home, as many box dyes are not intended to lighten or darken the hair more than two or three shades from the existing one. Correcting these hair color mistakes may take a salon expert several weeks and can be costly.

The Dangers of At-Home Hair Dye

Along with these negative results, it is easy to overlook that at-home dye kits can be unsafe when used by inexperienced people. From allergic reactions to stains, burns, and extreme irritation, these chemicals are best handled and applied by professionals in a well-prepared professional salon environment.

Are you looking for a dependable and trustworthy hair salon in Waco, Texas, to give life to your summer hair color ideas? We at On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar offer top-quality hair colors suited to each client’s tastes and preferences, ranging from stunning strawberry blonde to glossy black. Please reach out to us today to book an appointment!

Trendy hair salons can help improve your self-esteem.

Looking for Trendy Hair Salons: 7 Important Factors to Consider

Some people underestimate the self-satisfaction and the boost in self-esteem that trendy hair salons can give us. The condition of your hair, which is meticulously looked after, can affect your emotions entirely, positively or negatively.

Nevertheless, a day when your hair looks great can generate happiness, assurance, and self-confidence.

Discovering trendy hair salons for your needs can sometimes be challenging. While clients may appreciate the change of atmosphere in new salons, zeroing in on a reliable stylist can take time and effort. Whether moving to a new area or simply seeking a change, finding trendy hair salons requires time and effort.

Finding the ideal hairstylist can be time-consuming, especially if you’re starting anew after leaving a long-time stylist or if you’ve had a negative encounter and need to find a new one. The journey may feel like a series of experiments and mistakes, but the result will undoubtedly be rewarding. Here are a few pointers to help you when choosing trendy hair salons:

There are factors to consider when choosing trendy hair salons.

What To Look For In Trendy Hair Salons

Ensure That The Salon Stays Updated With Current Fashion Trends

Similar to the medical field, hairdressing is a dynamic and ever-evolving profession. Constant changes and advancements in styles and techniques distinguish the world of fashion. New products flood the market almost every day, or different hairstyles gain popularity.

Your hair is not meant to be experimented on. Therefore, in addition to the stylist’s qualifications, you should be assured that they stay current with trends. A competent hairstylist should be able to provide evidence of their efficiency and knowledge of the latest trends through their work. You wouldn’t want to trust a hairstylist who has never performed a Pixie cut or ombre coloring with your hair.

The Salon Has A Team of Professional And Well-Experienced Staff

Hair is an essential part of each individual. It can enhance and play down a person’s overall look. Currently, both men and women are becoming more inventive and mindful regarding their hairstyles. It is crucial not to entrust your valuable hair to an inexperienced hairstylist.

To ensure the individual’s proficiency, it is important to comprehend the hairstylist’s background and credentials. Before finalizing a hair salon, ensure your hairstylist has a recognized degree in hairdressing and barbering from a known institute. You can also ask them to deliver evidence of work done by them before.

Cleanliness is essential when looking for trendy hair salons.

Make Sure The Hair Salon Maintains Proper Hygiene

A hair salon offers its services to many people every day. Each person visits a hair salon to attain a range of hair services like a haircut or a fashion stud hairstyle. It is a place where people go to pamper themselves and relax. But a person cannot relax where there are shreds of someone else’s hair on the floor or the towel used for drying.

Therefore, no matter how seasoned the hairstylist is, you should sanitize the salon.

Although it’s a prerequisite for hair salons to comply with all health and safety standards to be registered, all salons must display the local authorities’ certification for any customer visiting the salon.

The Location Is Also Important

The location of a hair salon communicates a great deal about the owner’s beliefs, the target clientele they seek to attract, and the caliber of services provided.

The location of a hair salon carries weight when selecting a hairstylist. A hair salon should be conveniently located near one’s residence, alleviating concerns regarding the distance one would travel for hair-related matters, including unexpected emergencies.

Additionally, dedicating an hour-long commute for a hairstyling appointment in our fast-paced lives is impractical and time-consuming. Hence, looking for a centrally located salon that can be easily traveled to is advisable.

Check the Pricing

As appealing as the fancy interiors, the latest equipment, and the experienced hairstylists are, they all come at a cost. Running a high-end salon is expensive, and so are its services. Getting your hair colored, hair extensions, or just styled can cost you way beyond your imagination when offered by experienced hair stylists in fancy salons.

Before selecting a hair salon, ensure it doesn’t weigh too heavily on your pocket. Everyone likes good pampering, but it should not come at a cost you might regret later. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that quality comes with a price. Many people make the mistake of settling for the cheapest salon, only to come out disappointed and disheartened with a hairstyle they didn’t like.

You can ask for recommendations from friends and family when looking for trendy hair salons.

References And Recommendations Can Do Wonders

A recommendation is one of the most reliable sources for selecting trendy hair salons that fit your needs and expectations. Ask your friends or family for their reviews or use social media to read other customers’ experiences. You can also consult your friend for which specific stylist or salon they get their hair done if you admire their hairstyle. It is likely to go right with a friend’s or family’s review and recommendation of a particular salon.

People generally opt for trendy hair salons with quality services and excellent client redressal systems. Word of mouth is a significant source that creates a good name for any salon.

Unique Features and Value-Added Services

When looking for trendy hair salons, consider an establishment’s value-added services and features, like a blowout bar. In today’s trendy hair salons, the concept of a blowout bar has been reimagined and elevated into a luxe social experience.

Trendy hair salons usually offer value-added services.

This isn’t your typical salon feature; it’s an upscale social venue that doubles as a hair styling hub. Here, clients can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a glass of wine while receiving professional hairstyling services such as blowouts, updos, and more. It’s an indulgent mix of beauty and leisure that turns routine hair appointments into delightful social events.

Salons offering this dual service clearly understand the evolving expectations of customers seeking professional hair care and a unique, enjoyable experience. These impressive features indicate a salon’s dedication to delivering top-tier, innovative services, making it a key consideration for those searching for their next hair haven.

Therefore, when choosing a salon, a blowout bar where you can sip a drink while your locks are being transformed could be a distinguishing factor, ensuring your salon visit is an indulgent, modern retreat.

High-end hair salons can make you feel and look good.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose High-end Hair Salons over Cheap Chain Salons

Going to a salon is a quintessential part of almost every woman’s “self-care” regimen. If you were to choose, though, where would you prefer to go? A high-end salon or a chain salon? Some might argue that you could get the same expensive upscale salon services at a chain salon for a fraction of the price. But of course, we all know that it’s not the case.

High-end hair salons are more meticulous in their services, and you can rest assured that the products they use on you are of premium quality. You’re sure to look AND feel good after a nice pampering—and, girl, you know we can’t just put a price tag on that. *wink*

The Basics of Choosing a Hair Salon

Choosing the right hair salon is crucial for your hair care needs. The salon you select should provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere while maintaining cleanliness. It should be a location to relax and unwind without any worries. It’s important to have confidence in your hairdresser, knowing that they possess knowledge, experience, and impeccable style when it comes to hair.

High-end hair salons offer premium quality services.

You want to feel assured that your hair is in capable hands. Upon entering the salon, you should feel assured that you will receive the best cut, style, color, or treatment, and when you leave, your hair will look stunning.

Your hair plays a significant role in defining your identity and self-expression. Therefore, it is important for salon hairdressers to understand your needs and preferences to achieve the best possible results for you and your hair.

Visiting a salon for hair services should not feel like a chore but rather an indulgent day of pampering. Each time you schedule a hair appointment, you should be excited about the experience.

Why Choose High-end Hair Salons Over Chain Salons?

The differences between high-end hair salons and cheaper chain options can’t be overlooked. These differences include the level of training and experience of hairdressers, the quality of tools and products used, the excellence of customer care, and the range of services offered.

In terms of experience and training, high-end hair salons require hairdressers to complete formal schooling and undergo additional training. Before working at a high-end salon, hairdressers must complete an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship involves more training beyond the initial schooling, focusing on refining haircutting, blow-drying, and coloring skills for diverse hair types.

The duration of an apprenticeship can vary from six months to two years, based on its structure and the hairdresser’s proficiency. Moreover, high-end hair salons may offer or mandate ongoing advanced education yearly to ensure their hairdressers stay updated with the latest techniques and trends.

High-end hair salons provide more value than cheap salon chains.

In contrast, most hairdressers at cheap chains are only required to complete basic schooling and typically lack additional training upon being hired. Consequently, their experience may be limited to working on mannequin heads rather than real clients. This lack of hands-on experience with actual customers poses a risk, as these hairdressers may need help understanding and fulfilling clients’ specific desires, particularly when it comes to complex styles.

This uncertainty surrounding a hairdresser’s ability and familiarity with clients’ preferences underscores the importance of opting for a high-end salon, as it significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving the desired results.

The Importance Of Tool And Product Quality

Staying updated with state-of-the-art tools and premium products is a standard practice in upscale hair salons. They understand the significance of quality. By utilizing high-quality tools and luxurious products, they strive to achieve flawless results for your hair because that’s what you deserve.

The hair stylists at these salons possess extensive knowledge from their experience, enabling them to determine the most suitable products for different hair types. They take massive pride in their work and exclusively provide top-notch products. Conversely, chain salons often compromise on quality by offering lower-grade products, and their hairdressers may have different expertise in identifying the best tools and products.

Expanded Range Of Services

High-end hair salons typically offer a wider array of haircuts, blowouts, hair extension installation, and color options that may not be available at lower-end establishments.

Knowledge and overall quality of lower-end salons can be improved to ensure their ability to meet your specific requirements. On the other hand, high-quality salons can offer you a wider range of choices and may even offer additional services—like an upscale bar so you can sip and relax while getting your hair done.

Customer Care Quality

High-end hair salons prioritize providing an exceptional guest experience, separating them from places like cheap salons that need a personal touch. Their main focus is transforming the routine task of getting your hair done into a pleasurable and indulgent experience.

Upscale salons prioritize guest care by utilizing premium products and understanding their customers’ wants and needs for their hair. They aim to ensure your hair looks great and feels healthier than when you first stepped through their doors.

What To Consider When Choosing A High-End Hair Salon

When selecting high-end hair salons, there are several factors to keep in mind:

Salon Location

The salon’s location is crucial for hair and skincare treatments. Opting for a beauty salon near your home provides convenience. Nevertheless, your priorities will determine whether you will travel a bit farther for superior services.

Hair Salon Prices

There are factors to consider when choosing high-end hair salons.

Consider the price range of a hair salon when making your selection. Before receiving any treatments, it is important to check the service prices to ensure they align with your budget. Choosing a high-end salon that provides high-quality service is smarter than choosing a cheaper salon that may leave you unsatisfied with the results.

Research Hair Salons

Not all beauty and hair salons offer the same level of service. Given the abundance of options available in Waco, Texas, it’s wise to conduct thorough research before settling on a salon. Look for customer reviews on the salon’s services and overall experience to help you decide which salon to choose for your treatments.


Seek recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors regarding salons they have had positive experiences with. When asking for referrals, be sure to inquire about specific details, such as the range of treatments and the quality of service they received.

Are you looking for a trendy, high-end salon that gives you more value than just a gorgeous blowout? Here at On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, you can grab a drink and relax while our expert hair stylists make you look and feel amazing! Remember, sis, you are worth the splurge. Please reach out to us today to schedule your appointment!

Different hair extension types have varying longevities.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? A Simple Guide on How to Make Hair Extensions Last and Enjoy Your Style Longer

Planning on spicing up your hair game with some extensions? You’re probably asking, “How long do hair extensions last?” It is a reasonable question; after all, who would want to waste money on something that lasts only a few weeks? In this brief guide, we’ll talk about how long hair extensions normally last, how to style them, and a few tips and tricks for making hair extensions last much longer.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions refer to synthetic or human hair strands connected to a person’s natural hair. They can add volume and length or create styles with the client’s natural hair. Hair extensions are available in various types, including clip-in, tape-in, and hand-tied extensions.

Your chosen type will be determined by how frequently you want them in and out of your hair and how long you want to keep them in. There are different types of hair extensions with various uses and applications. Hair extensions are available in numerous colors and textures, allowing you to select the perfect one for your preferences, budget, and needs.

Why Do People Wear Hair Extensions?

How long do hair extensions last?

There’s no denying that hair extensions have taken the beauty world by storm for the right reasons. For some, they’re the secret to instant length and volume, transforming fine-textured or short hair into va-va-voom locks in no time.

For others, they’re a playground for color experimentation, enabling fashionistas and hairstyling enthusiasts to dip their toes into the rainbow-hair trend without the commitment or the potential damage. Then there are those who turn to extensions as a solution to thinning hair or hair loss, offering them the confidence boost when they need it most. 

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Here are the most common hair extension types, their applications, and how long they will last:

Clip-in Hair Extensions (4–6 Months)

Clip-in extensions, as the name suggests, clip into your natural hair, providing an instant boost in length and volume. Crafted from synthetic or human hair, they come in many textures, colors, thicknesses, styles, and lengths. They’ve become the go-to choice for those who want longer locks without the hassle and fuss of growing their hair out.

With factors like quality, frequency of washing, drying methods, and storage conditions at play, clip-in hair extensions can last around 4-6 months. A low-maintenance choice, their care mainly revolves around proper washing with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, steering clear of silicone-based hair products, which can lead to tangling.

Tape-in Extensions (up to 8 weeks)

Tape-in extensions make it low maintenance and easy to add volume, color, and length to the natural hair. The procedure is straightforward: several strands of hairs are attached using a thin strip of cloth on one end and a strong adhesive on the other. The extension may be cut to any desired length and shaped into waves or curls.

Tape-in hair extensions can last up to 8 weeks.

Because tape-ins do not involve heat, they are less damaging to the natural hair compared to traditional procedures such as braiding or weaving, which do.

They can last about eight weeks, based on the person’s hair type and how frequently they use their extensions. If they’re carefully cared for, you can reuse the tape in the same extensions for a newer look.

Never brush or comb them when wet to make the extensions last longer. Let them dry completely before styling.

Hand-tied Extensions (up to 9 weeks)

Hand-tied hair extensions are hair wefts secured to your scalp by attaching beads fastened to the hair strand like an anchor instead of braiding your hair strands together. The hairdresser will sew the hair into place to guarantee that the weight is evenly distributed. They also act as a firm and even base for the hair.

These hair extensions are an excellent choice because the seam is incredibly thin, and the extensions are unnoticeable as they lay flat on your scalp. They’re also easy to wear and customize, making them a fantastic hair extension choice for many individuals.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Hair Extensions

Here’s a roundup of top tips to keep your hair extensions looking salon-fresh for longer:

Brushing: Tackle matting and tangling by brushing your extensions regularly with a soft-bristle brush. Always start at the bottom of your extension and gradually work your way up.

Washing: Prior to washing, gently detangle your extensions using a wide-toothed comb. Use a sulfate-free, salon-quality shampoo, and avoid scrubbing or rubbing.

Conditioning: Post-washing, condition your extensions with a sulfate-free, salon-quality conditioner that’s moisturizing.

Drying: Opt for air drying your extensions naturally. If you’re using a hairdryer, use a low heat setting and never exceed temperatures of 200° Celsius.

Moisturizing: Apply professional hair oils or serums daily, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, to keep your extensions hydrated.

Sleep Care: Secure your hair into a low ponytail or braid before hitting the hay. This keeps the hair from tangling and helps maintain your hairstyle.

Swimming: If you can’t get enough of Vitamin Sea or love swimming in the pool, protect your extensions by applying conditioner and tying them into a braid or bun before diving in.

Storage: After a thorough clean, condition, dry, and detangle, store your extensions in an airtight container, preferably in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Styling Hair Extensions

Styling hair extensions can be a fun and creative process, opening up a world of hair possibilities you might not have thought possible with your natural hair. Here are some tips. Start by gently brushing your extensions with a soft-bristle brush to remove any tangles. Once your extensions are smooth and tangle-free, the world is your oyster.

There are many ways to style your hair extensions.

You can curl them for a romantic, soft wave look using a curling iron or wand. Or maybe you’re going for a sleek, straight vibe – whip out your flat iron and glide it over the extensions.

If you’re in the mood for an updo, braid, or ponytail, hair extensions add amazing volume and length to these styles.

However, please note that if you’re using heat styling tools, it’s important that you protect your extensions with a heat protectant spray. Properly styling your hair extensions will help them blend seamlessly with your natural hair and extend their lifespan.


Hair extensions can be a transformative addition to your beauty arsenal, boosting your look and self-esteem. However, like anything worth having, they require a certain level of care and upkeep to keep them looking glossy and bouncy.

If you’re searching for a salon that can seamlessly install premium hair extensions into your natural hair, you’re at the right place! At On the Avenue Salon and Blowout Bar, we have excellent hairstylists to make you look and feel your absolute best with our stellar hair services! Call us now to schedule an appointment!