8 Ways to Choose a New Hair Stylist for Your Hair Goals

Looking for a new hair stylist can be tough and a bit annoying. There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to find a new hair stylist. You probably have to move away from the hairdresser you’ve been going to for ages and now need to find a new one. Or you might have had a hair nightmare at your old stylist’s and want to try someone new. Either way, the search for a new hair stylist can take a while.

The process might feel like trial and error, but it’s worth it.

Every day, our team of experts here at On the Avenue Salon & Blowout Bar receives a myriad of inquiries from people who are looking for a new hair stylist who can help them achieve their #hairgoals. We understand how stressful it is to have someone to look after your hair. To help you narrow your search, here are some of our insider tips on what to consider when looking for a new hair stylist.

How to Look for a New Hair Stylist

Finding a new hair stylist doesn't have to be difficult.

Research Local Salons & Stylists

These days, finding a great stylist can be quite easy, especially through social media. Many places on social media can help you discover a stylist. Instagram might be the perfect place to find the hairstylist you’re looking for. The primary social media platforms stylists and salons use to showcase their work are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Log into your account, search, and scroll through different hashtags to find stylists near you. Since hashtags group photos by keyword, they collect and curate everyone discussing a specific topic. When scrolling through many pictures on your feed (thanks to your newfound best friend, the hashtag), choose the ones that catch your attention. If you think, ‘That looks good,’ click on it. It will lead you to the stylist’s profile or bio page, where you can closely check out their work. Then, read the comments section for customer reviews.

While social media might be seen as “the modern form of recommendation,” don’t overlook the traditional word of mouth; it’s ideal for those who aren’t too tech-savvy. Chatting with friends and coworkers happens naturally; you never know what great resources or ideas they may have.

Ask The Right Questions Once You Decide On A New Hair Stylist

A new hair stylist can help you achieve your desired look.

Experience only tells part of the story. When you visit a doctor’s office, you often notice diplomas and awards on the wall. These credentials can make you feel assured and at ease. Nevertheless, in the realm of hairstyling, things work a bit differently. You might initially wonder, “How long have you been a hairstylist?” Although this question is legitimate, mere years don’t cover everything.

Years behind the chair don’t add up to a Ph.D. in hair coloring, cutting, styling, or weaving. While experience helps in wisdom and knowledge, a stylist should continue their education on new technologies and techniques to keep up with the ever-changing hairstyling trends.

Don’t Skip the Consultation

I can’t stress this enough: PLEASE book a consultation before your hair color appointment when seeing a new hair stylist for the first time. A proper consultation would give you and your new hair stylist time to get to know each other and chat about your hair! You should discuss your color history, how you style your hair daily, and what products you use to help your stylist know your preferences.

Meetings with stylists are typically free and offer a wonderful opportunity to discover the ideal stylist for your needs! Investing time in getting acquainted with your new hair stylist and their industry experience will enhance your overall satisfaction.

Take Small Steps

Consultation is essential when looking for a new hair stylist.

After completing all your homework and research, what should you do with the gathered information? How can you be sure that this stylist will continue to be your ideal option? Set an appointment at the fresh salon for a rejuvenating conditioning treatment or a stylish blowout. This is not the right time to let them cut 5 inches off your hair!

Working with them to build trust and get into a groove would be best. Treat your stylist like any new relationship. This step lets you meet the stylist personally and see their skills without breaking the bank (or potentially snipping off too much). Spend this time asking them questions about their skills and experiences. What’s crucial is grasping a sense of their character to match yours. Education, achievements, extensive experience, and a portfolio are vital factors, but a stylist’s personality can seal or break the deal.

Bring Pictures!

Pictures, pictures, pictures! Showing pictures of what you like and dislike is a great way to ensure you and your hairstylist are on the same page. Also, consider sharing photos of hairstyles you’ve loved after coloring and cutting your hair to help your stylist understand your style preferences better. Additionally, it’s helpful to pinpoint the specific elements you appreciate in the style to provide the stylist with a more detailed understanding of your preferences.

Trust Your Instincts

Discovering an excellent stylist isn’t solely about their skill but also your rapport! If you don’t feel at ease voicing your thoughts or your stylist seems unresponsive to your suggestions, your experience might not be very enjoyable. (This is how you end up walking out of the salon with something opposite of what you wanted.) In other words, be honest with your hairstylist at all times. If the stylist is receptive to your ideas, you’re in the right chair.

Does Your Hair Stylist Act Professionally?

Your hair stylist should act professionally at all times.

If your stylist shows up 15 minutes AFTER your appointment, you probably need to look for another one. It’s frustrating when you make an appointment with a professional, and they treat you like you’re not important as a client. Besides, your stylist should fully support your ideas and arrive punctually. They should treat you kindly and respectfully, provide precise price estimates, and dedicate ample time to your hair.

Sometimes, things that are out of your stylist’s control cause them to run late with other clients or have scheduling problems, and if they treat you right, I hope you’ll be patient with them and treat them with respect, too.

We get it: finding a new hair stylist is a tough feat! Don’t worry, though, because our On the Avenue Salon & Blowout Bar team is here for you! We have years of relevant training and experience, so you can rest assured that you (and your hair) are in good hands with us! Please reach out to us today to book a consultation!